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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Such a fun time hanging out with my friends and their munchkins. My favorite was photographing brother and sister interacting. They are such little characters. And dang cute! Here's a peek..  photo DSC_2405copy2_zpsc464056d.jpg  photo DSC_2431copy_zps501bdc7d.jpg  photo DSC_2331copy_zpsccac200b.jpg  photo DSC_2272copy_zps2e9d58ed.jpg  photo DSC_2259copy_zpsb169f670.jpg  photo DSC_2254copy2_zpsbba8f27f.jpg  photo DSC_2246copy_zps8a167927.jpg  photo DSC_2235copy_zps99b9b08a.jpg  photo DSC_2214copy_zps2fb5faae.jpg  photo DSC_2138copy_zps1243f409.jpg  photo DSC_2414copy_zpsb25a0b79.jpg  photo DSC_2298copy_zps75933252.jpg  photo DSC_2107copy2_zpse53fdb74.jpg  photo DSC_2390copy_zpsf7e5b514.jpg

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