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Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Blog!

Hello! Thanks for visiting! You're looking at the older version of my blog. Head over to my new and updated blog here. Happy viewing!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Erskine Family!

Here's a look at the sweetest family..these kids were amazing. How do I get my kids to act this well? :) Thanks you guys, enjoy!  photo DSC_9152copy_zps85bf85b5.jpg  photo DSC_9139copy_zpsc06be0cd.jpg  photo DSC_9204copy2_zpsf6d8b857.jpg  photo DSC_9117copy_zpsafb0806e.jpg  photo DSC_9067copy_zpsab9d00ae.jpg  photo DSC_9052copy_zps643c9e5a.jpg  photo DSC_9034copy_zps35f6b925.jpg  photo DSC_9154copy_zps82182432.jpg  photo DSC_9099copy_zps94304351.jpg

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Harmans!

I love this family! Awesome people with adorable happy kiddos. Perfection! Here is a sneak peak of our shoot...  photo DSC_8781copy2_zps52934b07.jpg  photo DSC_8992copy_zps605fe9c9.jpg  photo DSC_8924copy_zps398efaf3.jpg  photo DSC_8899copy_zps6d8b4420.jpg  photo DSC_8862copy_zpse64d31e2.jpg  photo DSC_8833copy_zps6a3486ea.jpg  photo DSC_8815copy_zps725f910b.jpg  photo DSC_8807copy_zps46d737d3.jpg

Monday, September 22, 2014


It was the perfect evening with this wonderful family. These kids are pros at being photographed. It doesn't hurt that they are so dang cute! Here is the beautiful family...  photo DSC_8285copy_zpsc55ac043.jpg  photo DSC_8325copy_zpscd731407.jpg  photo DSC_8274copy_zpsfafa55d7.jpg  photo DSC_8245copy_zps10861bcc.jpg  photo DSC_8555copy_zpsd6a933b6.jpg  photo DSC_8498copy_zps6dbef0da.jpg  photo DSC_8478copy_zps8452d9f7.jpg  photo DSC_8466copy_zpsbd143a5c.jpg  photo DSC_8425copy_zps4f80c917.jpg  photo DSC_8391copy_zpsdb514d57.jpg  photo DSC_8377copy_zps71b38f2f.jpg  photo DSC_8357copy_zpsce822ed3.jpg

Friday, September 19, 2014


Beautiful evening with this cute and spunky family! New baby brother is so lucky to have so many sisters to love on him. Enjoy!  photo DSC_7426copy_zpsbfb4a64b.jpg  photo DSC_7353copy_zps634de765.jpg  photo DSC_7702copy_zps4d68932a.jpg  photo DSC_7677copy_zps21e3e612.jpg  photo DSC_7655copy_zpsf7deeec1.jpg  photo DSC_7628copy_zps76188aa2.jpg  photo DSC_7599copy_zps39f67077.jpg  photo DSC_7504copy_zps86e8f267.jpg  photo DSC_7464copy_zps0da73b3a.jpg  photo DSC_7381copy_zps7707e863.jpg

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baby Shepherd!

Baby Shep is the sweetest little thing! He is a gentle giant, weighing in at 10 lbs 6 oz when he was born! Congratulations you guys! He is amAZing, as are you!  photo DSC_8028copy_zps31dbf2cc.jpg  photo DSC_8018copy_zpscfb51c11.jpg  photo DSC_8009copy_zpse49c9f7d.jpg  photo DSC_7992copy_zps6b4549ad.jpg  photo DSC_7975copy_zps6d3d8d73.jpg  photo DSC_7964copy_zps7ab30cb7.jpg  photo DSC_7885copy_zps0582810d.jpg  photo DSC_7959copy_zps7613e066.jpg  photo DSC_7906copy_zps56151114.jpg  photo DSC_7918copy_zps12fb43e7.jpg

Wednesday, August 6, 2014