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Monday, May 19, 2014

Black Family

After being rained out a couple times, we finally got the perrrfect evening for a photo shoot. I truly enjoyed capturing the incredible cuteness of these boys, not to mention mom and dad! :) Here's a peek...  photo DSC_2881copy_zps7b14e3ff.jpg  photo DSC_2893copy_zpseb6255fe.jpg  photo DSC_2846copy_zpsa3a0ddd0.jpg  photo DSC_2830copy_zps210bfe45.jpg  photo DSC_2854copy_zps81665042.jpg  photo DSC_2867copy_zps60b1f5ff.jpg  photo DSC_2955copy_zps80a8ae63.jpg  photo DSC_2968copy_zps4ef88f32.jpg  photo DSC_2982copy_zps053682c8.jpg  photo DSC_3027copy2_zpsd9d85fe9.jpg  photo DSC_3033copy_zps3c4e601b.jpg  photo DSC_3040copy_zpsd51540fd.jpg  photo DSC_2930copy_zps728e6c5f.jpg  photo DSC_3016copy_zpsf50fa128.jpg  photo DSC_3071copy_zps4a51340b.jpg  photo DSC_3059copy2_zps44efe00f.jpg

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