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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The D Fam!

This shoot was so fun! Third boy for the D fam and he is an angel just like his sweet brothers. Favorite parts of the shoot: angel brothers admiring baby, and baby looking at mom, wide awake, and cracking a huge grin. He's only 4 weeks old! Always love seeing this family...  photo DSC_0220copy_zps949afce2.jpg  photo DSC_0374copy_zpsc07941de.jpg  photo DSC_0396copy_zps57cb1dfa.jpg  photo DSC_0263copy_zpsbb436bac.jpg  photo DSC_0270copy_zps7565b9f6.jpg  photo DSC_0274copy_zps40d43258.jpg  photo DSC_0282copy_zpsa8e50e4c.jpg  photo DSC_0290copy_zps22db2166.jpg  photo DSC_0340copy_zps668fd90b.jpg  photo DSC_0349copy_zpse5ccfe5b.jpg  photo DSC_0357copy_zpse7ee42fc.jpg  photo DSC_0254copy_zps5cb506cc.jpg  photo DSC_0400copy_zpsf5901d44.jpg

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