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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Sawyer is the sweetest young man! Mom and Dad, how do you raise 'em so good? He is turning eight years old and getting ready to be baptized. Here he is, looking so very handsome in his suit and tie. Then he was off to more sporting events. What a little stud!  photo DSC_0416copy_zpsf3ce330a.jpg  photo DSC_0459copy_zpsea3716c2.jpg  photo DSC_0476copy_zps83bc79e1.jpg  photo DSC_0483copy_zps985faa96.jpg  photo DSC_0487copy_zps54c10643.jpg  photo DSC_0437copy_zps74bbe07f.jpg  photo DSC_0448copy_zps39234972.jpg  photo DSC_0460copy_zps5be8a95b.jpg  photo DSC_0461copy_zpsbc001351.jpg  photo DSC_0518copy_zps6e6e2ac9.jpg  photo DSC_0519copy_zps4ca58937.jpg  photo DSC_0522copy_zps9b2f36ac.jpg  photo DSC_0523copy_zps4aaf0c4d.jpg  photo DSC_0540copy_zps60a2775a.jpg  photo DSC_0556copy_zps4fbe8b94.jpg  photo DSC_0561copy_zpseed1d109.jpg  photo DSC_0426copy_zps0f67d9ff.jpg  photo DSC_0455copy_zps1aa14814.jpg

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