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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Hubbards!

Lots of fun interactions from this adorable family! And how could you not love on this little guy? I'm so lucky to get to see old friends and their beautiful families. So happy for you guys! Here's a preview of your session...  photo DSC_2600copy2_zpse61a5e91.jpg  photo DSC_2582copy_zpsffc2d1cf.jpg  photo DSC_2558copy_zpsd7ce3428.jpg  photo DSC_2544copy_zpsaecc0900.jpg  photo DSC_2527copy_zps02c54ca0.jpg  photo DSC_2523copy_zps8b6283ee.jpg  photo DSC_2517copy_zpsb0df7e1a.jpg  photo DSC_2515copy_zps3e3406a9.jpg  photo DSC_2512copy_zpsbd601d7b.jpg  photo DSC_2478copy_zps3dc3e660.jpg  photo DSC_2461copy_zpsca08cb14.jpg  photo DSC_2403copy_zps131f226a.jpg  photo DSC_2335copy_zps7a08d7ec.jpg  photo DSC_2322copy_zps4c12a42c.jpg


Jared Hubbard said...

great pictures! Where did you get them taken?

Chels said...

Wheeler Farm. Andee is so talented! I wanted her to take our family pictures ever since Jesse and I got married 10 years ago, we just needed Van to join our family before we got them and we are finally complete :)

tresjolie said...

Great work!