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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Matt and Mere!!!

Well the wedding day arrived! Everything about it was perfect. I love watching these two--I'm lucky I got to be their photographer cuz I got plenty of that! So so happy for you brother, and Meredith I'm so glad we're sisters! :) Love you guys!  photo DSC_2004copy_zpsea111785.jpg  photo DSC_1997copy_zps6f1d3f10.jpg  photo DSC_1985copy_zpsdfb3b8cf.jpg  photo DSC_1963copy_zps280108e6.jpg  photo DSC_1957copy_zps5c5ca7c9.jpg  photo DSC_1931copy_zpsf28eeaab.jpg  photo DSC_1913copy_zpsd6294777.jpg  photo DSC_1875copy_zps2d54a933.jpg  photo DSC_1863copy_zps48075d3a.jpg  photo DSC_1813copy_zps301ffdb4.jpg  photo DSC_1794copy_zps7b78d1fc.jpg  photo DSC_1713copy_zps0ddf571e.jpg  photo DSC_1704copy_zpsc4663ee2.jpg  photo DSC_1691copy_zps0d5c4c1f.jpg  photo DSC_1846copy_zps13a3a026.jpg  photo DSC_1825copy_zps5a2104f7.jpg

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