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Thursday, July 17, 2014


I've been visiting the Utleys for 7 years now to take pictures in their backyard which is the perfect backdrop!   I just can't say enough about them.  Just wonderful people and every year I leave wanting to be a better person.   And they're raising the sweetest and cutest kids!  Love you guys...  photo DSC_4492copy_zpsb124c059.jpg  photo DSC_4735copy_zps798dad54.jpg  photo DSC_4685copy_zps84c73ca7.jpg  photo DSC_4514copy_zps72f65284.jpg  photo DSC_4548copy_zps37b01eb4.jpg  photo DSC_4499copy_zpsd682e492.jpg  photo DSC_4477copy_zpseaa41d28.jpg  photo DSC_4589copy_zps697ef2a4.jpg  photo DSC_4607copy_zpsca395505.jpg  photo DSC_4655copy_zpsd899fdbd.jpg  photo DSC_4695copy_zps96f17bf4.jpg  photo DSC_4520copy_zps25dc7285.jpg  photo DSC_4643copy_zpsd0940d7f.jpg  photo DSC_4576copy_zps9b619a61.jpg  photo DSC_4532copy_zpsc656235c.jpg  photo DSC_4536copy_zpsd608cba2.jpg

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