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Monday, October 14, 2013


Two of my sisters and I were pregnant at the same time and had our babies very close. It is hard to believe the babies are now all here! Here are a few from the fun sessions we've had lately... A before shot--me and my sissies and our bellies...  photo DSC_2786copy_zps57b9a39b.jpg Charlie...  photo DSC_4316copy_zpse5ba996b.jpg  photo DSC_4313copy_zps87fce614.jpg  photo DSC_4310copy_zps937b08e7.jpg  photo DSC_4266copy_zpsfee080ef.jpg Jack...  photo DSC_2916copy_zps93f73edf.jpg  photo DSC_2881copy_zps5318a301.jpg  photo DSC_2849copy_zps2a600dc0.jpg  photo DSC_2842copy_zps50a7ec1b.jpg Mine!!  photo DSC_3728copy_zps66a9a753.jpg  photo DSC_3702copy_zps85e0c02b.jpg  photo DSC_3523copy2_zpsb5e78333.jpg  photo DSC_3641copy_zps25714eac.jpg

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