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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Smiths!

These are our good friends and their handsome boys. I think I want these exact same outfits and colors for when we get our family pictures taken again. They look SO good in pictures! Hey, maybe we can just borrow your clothes, guys! Just kidding.
I like playing a little game when I'm editing of analyzing who looks like who...this one's easy, look at the pictures of mom/son and and dad/son and it's obvious Beckett looks like Mom and Wes looks like Dad! So cute!

Smiths 237 copy
Smiths 240 copy
Smiths 022 copy
Smiths 277 copy
Smiths 185 copy
Smiths 099 copy
Smiths 079 copy
Smiths 071 copy

1 comment:

heddomarie said...

Great shots! I love the color too! that orange wall is so fun!