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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Roberts Family

Photographing couples with their first child is definitely a favorite. The pictures are always oozing with love and adoration! I think a family photo shoot is a MUST for this stage of life, cuz it will never be the same! So this was the nicest couple ever. And their little one did warm up to me but he was set on exploring every inch of the park first! I love his outfits and the hat!

Roberts Family 269 copy 2
Roberts Family 046 copy
Roberts Family 107 copy
Roberts Family 280 copy
Roberts Family 225 copy
I do the above pose a lot but I love it!
Roberts Family 120 copy 2
Roberts Family 111 copy
Roberts Family 089 copy

1 comment:

Jillyan said...

Cute pictures as always! The dad looks really familiar! Is his name Curtis? I think I went to jr high with him! Small world!