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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Keetch Family!

This is how little Harvey felt about the family photo shoot...
Keetch 179 copy
He said all he wants to do is sit and eat his rocks...
Keetch 140 copy
But Harvey did great. :) I love the fieldy look. It was fun to finally try somewhere new. Mom was saying I hope we got at least one, but there are many cute ones! There are some really fun little moments, like this one--What are you doing kissing, you're supposed to be paying attention to me!!

Keetch 223 copyuse
Keetch 132 copy
Keetch 143 copy 2
Keetch 062 copy 2
Keetch 022 copy
Keetch 019 copy
Keetch 217 copy 2
Aah, such a cute cute family!!


Heidi said...

seriously... you are amazing. I lOVE the wildflowers... What a darling family.

Tiff said...

We love, love, LOVE them! Thanks for being so patient with the rock eating, the runny noses, and us not really knowing exactly what we wanted. You were fabulous!

J and T said...

Andee, you do such and amazing job!! I love the new location. I am going to need to get new ones of our family.

And Tiff, you have the cutest family!