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Monday, July 6, 2009


Here is my wonder woman cousin, Katie, and her adorable family. Yes, those are twin boys! I was so excited Katie and Tim came in town so we could finally meet them.

Richey Family 065 copy
Richey Family 025 copy 2
Richey Family 019 copy
Richey Family 214 copy
Richey Family 204 copy 2
Richey Family 195 copy 2
"Relax, man!"
Richey Family 182 copy
Richey Family 209 copy
How do you really feel?


Katie said...

Oh, Andee!! I love them!! You made us all look so great and the colors are so wonderful. Thank you thank you thank you!

When do you think we'll be able to get a copy of the cd? No rush, of course, because you just had a sweet baby boy. I'm just curious and eager to have your awesome work framed in my home :)

Lexi said...

Amazing work, as always!

heddomarie said...

Sooo Cute! Are these at that amphitheater?

Mary said...

You have such a beautiful talent for photography! I love all your pictures.

Your Single Adult Committee said...

Wow. I love these pictures. I'm so glad your little one got here too. I can't wait to see more pictures of him.
Aunt Kath