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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Christy and Brant!

Ok, here is one adorable little kid and his hot mommy! Christy is making a demo for a cd, and we took pictures for her new website. I can't wait to hear her stuff. She's going to be famous! :) And her 4-year-old is a little STUD! Check out these little poses he came up with on his own! And such a sweet little smile...:)

Kristy and Brant 168 copy 2
Kristy and Brant 152 copy 22
Kristy and Brant 141 copy
Kristy and Brant 130 copy 2
Kristy and Brant 127 copy
Kristy and Brant 039 copy 2
Kristy and Brant 035 copy
Kristy and Brant 023 copy
Kristy and Brant 015 copy
Kristy and Brant 203 copy


heddomarie said...

he came up with those poses on his own? awesome! Those pics are perfect for a CD!

andrea said...

she is gorgeous :) what kind of music is it she plays?

ChristySteed said...

Thanks Andee! These look great! I am so excited.

Eveyone that has seen them, thinks you're amazing.