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Monday, February 23, 2009

I love my "job"

Not really a job, cuz it's too fun. I had a good laugh this morning going through these pictures. It's a little stressful doing family shoots because it gets old quick for the kids, but it is so fun to see what kind of funny, candid moments are captured. So I have to share some of these, they are hilarious!

DSC_8294 copy 3
I think this was a test shot for exposure because Polly is half way off the picture, but it makes me giggle. Look at her recoil from the shock of the baby's scream! Ha ha!
DSC_8190 copyfinal
Me: "Big eyes, Polly!" Polly: see above
DSC_8299 copyfinal
Polly totally laughing at poor little brother's grief!
DSC_8271 copyfinal
I don't know, just hilarious!
DSC_8246 copy
I love this mother/daughter moment. :)

I promise there are lots more cute and normal ones though. :) Here are a few...
DSC_8281 copyfinal
DSC_8168 copyfinal
DSC_8131 copyfinal
I thought this was such a cute baby boy face.
DSC_8222 copyfinal
Beautiful couple!


Colette said...

Cute!! That 1st picture is classic.

heddomarie said...

great shots.. I always love the candid ones. Kenny saw the first one and he said "Baby sad.. awwww." hehe it was cute

andrea nicole said...

these are so cute!! Polly is such a character! haha! I love her expressions! and the last picture of paige and goregous andee. It helps that they are very photogenic, but the mechanics of the picture I love.

lovely, lovely, lovely!