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Saturday, November 15, 2008


These are my wonderful friends from high school. Isn't it obvious what good people they are and how much they love their beautiful little girl? I love you guys!

Tara, Jeff, Katelyn 131 copy 4
Tara, Jeff, Katelyn 156 copy 2
Tara, Jeff, Katelyn 010 copy 2
Tara, Jeff, Katelyn 041 copy 4
Tara, Jeff, Katelyn 069 copy 2
Tara, Jeff, Katelyn 161 copy 2


heddomarie said...

Wow Andee. I can't believe how far you have become since I started viewing your photography. You are so amazing.. I think you've passed me up for sure!

Karri Sloan said...

These are so great! You did a great job capturing the goodness of the Jorgensons.

Melissapher said...

Beautiful photos! I love the Jorgensens.